Puerto Princesa: A 4-day Adventure in the City in the Forest

Puerto Princesa or also known as “City in the Forest” is a popular travel destination located in the western provincial island of Palawan, Philippines. The first thing that comes to mind for me is the Subterranean River National Park and of course, island hopping. So, we decided on a whim to take a short vacation and finally we were able to check it off our bucketlist. I won’t be writing much detail about the places we went to, just mostly what we did. 😛 Continue Reading…


Planning a Trip to Japan

Photo 9-7-14, 4 33 26 PM

Having only less than a month to plan my vacation was by far, the most stressful part of this whole trip. Mainly because I wasn’t really expecting that my application for a visa would be granted so I didn’t do much planning.

Although I’ve been looking for hotels prior to submitting my application (for the itinerary) I booked my hotel only a week before my flight and thankfully I was able to purchase a promo airline ticket from an agency just two weeks before my departure date. Whew! Another important thing was having my money converted to Japanese Yen. It’s a good thing to have a credit card handy but better to have the currency available since most establishments only accept Japan Yen as payment.

Helpful Apps/Websites for your trip to Japan: Continue Reading…