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  1. Hello!

    Not sure if you’ll get to read this but I’ll try anyway:) my sister and I are planning to go to Japan. However she is a freelancer as well. My worry is how can she present an ITR as part of her requirements. She has a TIN number however. Hope you can help us figure this out. Thank you 🙂


    • Hi Ana!

      When are you planning to apply for a Japan visa? Is your sister being taxed for her freelance work?

      For my case, since I used to work at an office last year (jan-may) I used my ITR from that work for this year and as per advice by a friend at BIR, I filed for a 1700 also. Since she has a TIN number I’m assuming it was processed by her previous employer. If she has the same case as mine she can do the same. If I may ask, how is she getting paid from her freelance work?

      Myleene 🌸


      • Hello mylene! Thank you for your reply:) she is not taxed in her freelance work :/ we are planning to apply next year.

        She is currently teaching as well in Assumption. Maybe she can use her current employer to have her ITR processed?

        There is no other substitute for the Itr form right as it is part of the requirements?

        Thank you so much ah. Appreciate your response!


      • You’re welcome! Happy to help. 🙂

        If Assumption is in the Philippines I think she can ask them if they can process her ITR. If not, if she’s willing to pay her taxes under the self-employed category. But she should first consult with someone at BIR just to be sure which one would be better. Anyway, having an ITR form would be handy for future visa applications. 😉

        By substitute do you mean another ITR form other than the 2316?


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